Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi

  • Arimi makiunga ngamba Inoorero farmers preparing their research garden in Mũtũngũrũ
  • Arimi mboga. Inoorero farmers at their vegetable garden in Mũtũngũrũ
  • Arimi makiruta thumu kiugu. Inoorero farmers tending their vegetable seedling nursery in Mũcũgũ
  • Arimi makiruta thumu kiugu. Inoorero farmers making compost in Mũcũgũ
  • Arimi magithondekera mboga Inoorero plot for research on optimum covering materials for vegetable nurseries

Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi (Conservation Agricultural Movement) is a nonprofit organization registered in Kenya in 2004. Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi builds sustainable models of conservation agriculture. These sustainable models integrate agricultural research and education with food production and food processing and marketing in ways that are economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially just.

Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi supports higher income generation and self-sufficiency of smallholder farmers through its organic and research-intensive conservation agricultural program. The smallholder farmers that Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi supports are fully involved in its development projects. This allows them to “own” the development projects and thus ensure their success. Consequently, the smallholder farmers become the guardians of their environments and conservation agriculture teachers in their own rights.

Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi values quality and meaningful education for all people and believes that knowledge is the key to successful development programs both within and between nations.

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