Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi Initiatives

Using a bottom-up approach to development, Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi has developed ten core initiatives to deal with smallholder farmers' felt needs. These initiatives are:

1. Agricultural Education, Extension and Translations Initiative (AGEETI)
2. Appropriate Technology Initiative (ATI)
3. Conservation Agricultural Stations Initiative (CAGSI)
4. Cultural Exchange and Education Initiative (CEEI)
5. Integrated Agricultural Research Initiative (IAGRI)
6. Integrated Agroforestry and Agromedicinals Initiative (IAAI)
7. Renewable Energy Resources Initiative (RERI)
8. School Conservation Agricultural Gardens Initiative (SCAGGI)
9. Women Advancement and Development Initiative (WADI)
10.Youth Advancement and Development Initiative (YADI)

These ten complementary initiatives form a sustainable basis for holistic community and national conservation agricultural research, education and development programs.